Hardware tool companies need to speed up technological transformation to fight market competition


2022-03-31 09:03

Hardware tools include various manual, electric, pneumatic, cutting tools, auto maintenance tools, agricultural tools, lifting tools, measuring tools, tool machinery, cutting tools, fixtures, knives, molds, cutting tools, grinding wheels, drills, polishing machines, Tool accessories, measuring tools and cutting tools, abrasives, etc. With the continuous application of modern scientific and technological achievements in the industry, the competition in the hardware industry is becoming more and more fierce. No matter which area of ​​the hardware industry you want to gain a firm foothold in, you must fully understand the development of the market.

Most of the domestic hand tool companies are mainly low-end products or OEM, and the products and brand products are still dominated by European and American countries. Also, because the profit margins of manual tools are being compressed, the room for price reduction is decreasing day by day. It is difficult for enterprises to establish core competitiveness by relying on price competition alone, and new development paths should be explored.

The hardware industry is an important part of my country's light industry, and it is a sunrise industry with full market competition and closely related to people's lives. According to relevant data, more than 99% of the enterprises in the industry are private small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly located in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian, Shandong, Hebei and other provinces and urban areas.


Domestic hardware tools should increase brand building and guide the development of the industry

Due to low cost and fierce competition, most companies rely on lowering the price of their products to gain market access. In this way, the profit of the enterprise is very low, and basically it can only achieve the state of maintaining production, but it is difficult to make money. The consequences are low product prices, low added value, and low profits, and the company does not have enough funds for sustainable development.

Hardware enterprises develop e-commerce to enhance industry market competitiveness

In the current hardware industry market, the German market is large, and with the progress of time, the demand is gradually increasing, and, according to the nature of Germans, they will definitely use hardware tools, and Germany will definitely It will become the main market for hardware industry consumption.

The advantages of pneumatic tools help it become the backbone of the hardware industry

Compared with manual tools, electric tools greatly reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and realize mechanization of manual operation due to their controllability and operability. Compared with pneumatic tools, they are less expensive and easier to control. With the progress of the times, the innovation of science and technology, and the development of society, pneumatic tools will gradually grow into the backbone of the hardware industry.